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Hotel-Pension Zoomoord, Renesse - Bookings information

Bookings information


Rooms can be booked online and by telephone. We can be reached by telephone between 09.00 am and 20.30 pm on telephone number 0111-461860. We generally only take reservations for 3 or more overnight stays. Reservations for 1 or 2 nights are possible too, providing the reservation can sufficiently link into another existing reservation.
Telephone bookings and online bookings without a credit card guarantee are always subject to one night's deposit. Deposits can be transferred to account number (in the name of "pension Zoomoord"), Rabobank Schouwen-Duiveland, Postbus 28, 4300 AA Zierikzee (IBAN: NL27 RABO 0357820444, BIC: RABONL2U), mentioning the booking period, plus your name, address and town. You will receive confirmation from us as soon as we have received your deposit payment.

Cancellation policy.

If you cannot take up your booking, you need to cancel no later than 7 days before your date of arrival. In this case any down payment will simply be refunded. Bookings not cancelled 7 days before will be billed at a cost equivalent to the price of the first night.

Latest information with regard to bookings (as from 20/04/2021 10:00

    There are still rooms available for a stay of at most 20 nights   
  • Check the for room occupancy from Thursday 24/02/2022
  • Ascension Day: We 12/05 - Sa 15/05  
    the rooms are fully booked on Th 13/05
    the Caravan is free
    Room #2 en 12 are free from Fr 14/05
    Room #9 is free from Sa 15/05
    Room #1 ,6 ,8 ,10 en 11 are free until Th 13/05
  • Whit Sunday: Fr 21/05 - Su 23/05  
    Room #6 en the Caravan are free
    Room #8 is free until Su 23/05
    Room #7 is free until Sa 22/05
  • Fronleichnam: We 02/06 - Sa 05/06  
    the Caravan is free
    Room #10 is free from Th 03/06
    Room #9 en 11 are free from Sa 05/06
    Room #7 is free until Th 03/06
  • Concert at Sea: Th 24/06 - Sa 26/06  
    Room #10 ,11 en the Caravan are free
    Room #7 is free from Fr 25/06 until Sa 26/06
  • 1Nov weekend: Fr 29/10 - Su 31/10  
    Room #1 ,6 ,7 ,8 ,9 ,10 ,12 en the Caravan are free
    Room #3 ,4 en 11 are free from Su 31/10

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