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Our breakfast consists mainly of biological and/or fair-trade products. Biological eggs for example, are not only much tastier and healthier for you, but also a lot more pleasant for the chicken. Our fair trade bananas do not come from plantations where they are being sprayed with toxins while they are being harvested. Our biological fair-trade tea and coffee come from plantations where fortunately no toxins are being used whatsoever. The cows that produce our biological dairy are kept in the meadow all year long. Almost every meat is produced by our local butcher, who uses solely durable meat. Chicken ham from free-range chicken (class 1), roast beef from Limousine free-range cows and pork from Scharendijk free-range pigs.

Our breakfast is partially table served. However, you can find most of the food at both buffets.

The following is table served (2 persons):

Hotel-Pension Zoomoord, Renesse - Breakfast served at table

At the large buffet we have:

Hotel-Pension Zoomoord, Renesse - Breakfast large buffet

At the small buffet we have:

Hotel-Pension Zoomoord, Renesse - Breakfast small buffet

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