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Hotel-Pension Zoomoord, Renesse - Greenkey

Durable businesses.

Charm and comfort with an eye on the future and sustainable enterprise.

A nice getaway. Enjoying the atmosphere, spending some quality time, unwinding and exploring a breathtaking region. At the hotel Zoom-Oord we do everything to make your stay a success and at the same time we try to respect nature and the environment and we keep an eye out for animal welfare. By taking small actions, we reach a maximum effect, without compromising your comfort.

Green Key is a well-known international quality label for durable businesses in the hotel and recreation sector. This quality label symbolises our constant efforts to minimise the ecological footprint we have as a business. In doing this, we take things one step further than regular legislation requires.

The certificate comes in three classes: bronze, silver and gold. The more environmental measures a hotel has taken, the higher the 'eco-friendly' level. Since 2014, we have the golden level.

Done Practically
An important part of the Green Key certificate is that you, our guest, are not hindered in any way by the eco-friendly actions we take. And no, we do not expect from you that you will continuously keep nature and the environment in mind. On the contrary: you will probably enjoy your holiday even more knowing you are being eco-friendly.

Our breakfast consists mainly of biological and/or fair-trade products. Biological eggs for example, are not only much tastier and healthier for you, but also a lot more pleasant for the chicken. Our fair trade bananas do not come from plantations where they are being sprayed with toxins while they are being harvested. Our biological fair-trade tea and coffee come from plantations where fortunately no toxins are being used whatsoever. The cows that produce our biological dairy are kept in the meadow all year long. Almost every meat is produced by our local butcher, who uses solely durable meat. Chicken ham from free-range chicken (class 1), roast beef from Limousine free-range cows and pork from Scharendijk free-range pigs.

But there is more: from eco-friendly hand soap and shampoo to low-energy appliances, atmospheric LED lighting and e-bike stations. Almost half of our energy consumption is generated by solar panels. Even the fire extinguishers are filled with ECO-foam. And how about your comfort? We use gas, water, and electricity wisely, but in a way that you can still enjoy a wonderful warm shower after a long day. Also, we sort our waste as much as we can. As a guest of our hotel, you can contribute to our policy yourself, for example by using your towels multiple days and sort your waste as much as possible. This does not only enhance your welfare, but also the welfare of nature and the environment!

Would you like more information on Green Key? Please visit www.greenkey.nl

The future
Green Key is part of the Foundation for Environmental Education FEE. This is a worldwide organisation with members in over 60 countries. At www.fee-international.org you can read everything on the ideal goals of this organisation: taking care for and getting aware of nature, our environment and sustainability. All so that future generations can enjoy our wonderful Earth as well.

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